After Camp Media

Camp Pendelton OORAH!

We want to thank our partners at Camp Pendleton for their warm welcome and thank Toni from Marine Corps Family and Team Building and her amazing staff for hosting us. Shout to Market 10 DFM team for showing up and supporting Geek Squad Academy. We want to thank Toni with Marine Corps Family and team for hosting us. We had around 90 junior agents attend camp allowing them to build skills which in the future will allow them to continue to grow. They were able to make some awesome movies, program BB-8 Robots, program their own video game, learn how to make proper decisions on the web, and made some sick beats. Thank you to the amazing Market 10 Local Field Team for their support over the 3 days of camp. To all the staff from Best Buy and Geek Squad – you rock!

A Special Thanks To:

Store 114 – Fullerton

Store 774 – Tustin

Store 871 – San Marcos

Geek Squad Field Services

Geek Squad Online Support