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Creating Tech Waves in Wake Forest!

Junior Agents in Wake Forest, NC had their minds opened to the possibilities that technology can provide for their futures! These students were able to be technology creators, instead of just consumers, by learning about robotics programming, 3D design, digital music, website coding, as well as how to be safe on the internet. We would like to thank Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, for hosting our 130 Junior Agents from Kerr Family YMCA. Finally, we would like to thank our Geek Squad and Best Buy employees who came from all over North Carolina to help make this camp successful.


Wake Forrest Weekly

A Special Thanks To:

Store 160 – Durham, NC

Store 261 – Matthews, NC

Store 299 – Crabtree, NC

Store 574 – Garner, NC

Store 821 – Raleigh, NC

Store 1051 – Durham Southpoint, NC

Store 1108 – Midtown Charlotte, NC

Store 1155 – Charlotte North Lake, NC

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