Frequently Asked Questions

What is Geek Squad Academy?
Geek Squad Academy (GSA) is a hands-on learning program where students have an opportunity to not just see technology, but experience it. At camp, our Junior Agents will have a chance to create their own music, learn about photography and production, explore 3D design, and learn about programming robotics. Classes focus on sharing our passion for discovery and de-mystifying technology to spark an interest in future career possibilities and opportunities.

Our Geek Squad Academy Pillars:

Education – Igniting our Junior Agent’s interest in technology by sharing the experience and passion of our employees.
Innovation – Helping our employees discover and develop skills to seek uncommon solutions.
Engagement – Creating ongoing opportunities to serve our communities through our Best Buy Teen Tech Centers and Non-profit partners.
Leadership – Every role inside Geek Squad Academy is designed to encourage personal development through critical thinking and problem-solving.

All built on a foundation of Culture.


Does my employee’s labor come from the store’s budget?
Geek Squad Academy is proud to be able to pay all employees selected to participate in certain events. We use and follow Best Buy’s Time and Labor policies, and utilize reclassification of labor to compensate stores for each employee’s standard pay rate.

How do I schedule my employees?
After seeking manager’s approval, applying, and being selected for participation, each employee should submit a request for unpaid time off in TLC for the dates required. Field employees should also request block in FMS to avoid conflicts. Each employee will receive the time and date needed based on the position they are chosen for. During this week, we recommend they also receive at least two days off to avoid overtime. Overtime pay is not reclassified and will be charged to that store’s labor budget.

How are labor hours reclassed?
Your employee will receive an email 24-48 hours after the conclusion of the Geek Squad Academy event containing a log of their hours on-site. These punches should be entered into TLC and reclassified to EVENTS. Your location will receive a labor credit for the hours worked at the end of the month to your P&L.

Does GSA pay for employee travel expenses?
Participation in Geek Squad Academy events is voluntary, however, employees are compensated for their time spent on-site during certain events. Any travel or lodging costs are the responsibility of that employee.


What is a Helper?
Helpers play a crucial role in making each class a success by assisting our In5+RuC+oRs and Junior Agents. No technical knowledge is required, just a willingness to dig into each class with our Junior Agents and have fun!

What is an Instructor?
Instructors are our teachers during the event and make a commitment to attend both days of camp. Our In5+RuC+0Rs will teach our Junior Agents on Computer Hardware, Music creation, Game Programming, Digital Photography, and more during both days of camp, as well as assisting with set-up and tear down.

GEAR Officers are the local experts and have a job description that can’t fit into a single paragraph. Employee recruiter, logistical magician, inventory master, excitement wizard, uber-event manager, Captain of Fun, solver of problems, provider of needs, cheerleader, and more. If you’ve been an Instructor before and want to see what happens behind the scenes to make this work, you’re going to need to apply. A GEAR Officer is, without a doubt, the best partner a Field Lieutenant could ask for.

Field Lieutenants are the event managers and the main point of contact for GSA events. They work to ensure our staff, partners, and Junior Agents have an unforgettable time.

I’m an Instructor, what class will I be teaching?
Geek Squad Academy features several classes during each day of camp. You will be assigned to a class on Setup Day based on your skills and interests.

What should I wear to the event?
Dress code for the event is work appropriate shorts, pants, or capris! We will provide a t-shirt for you to wear the days that you are there as well, and strongly recommend wearing comfortable shoes!

What time should I arrive?
You should have received an email with arrival times. We strongly recommend coming a few minutes early so you get the chance to enjoy a provided breakfast. If you have any other questions about arrival times, please contact your Field Lieutenants!

Can I bring my camera?
Yes, we love to get pictures of the event! Please feel free to bring your camera and take pictures, we will go over the photo rules when you get here.

I have more questions, who should I contact?
You can contact the Field Lieutenants for the camp, as they would love to answer any questions you may have. Or for general questions about GSA, please contact