After Camp Media

Liverpool Rocked

We want to thank our partners at Camp Liverpool for their warm welcome and thank Deanne from Liverpool Public Library and Kay from the Soule Road Elementary School for your warm welcome. We also want to thank your amazing staff for hosting us. Shout to Market 27 Kegan Shattuck and Michael Doyle Director of Human Resources Geek Squad – thank you for showing up and supporting Geek Squad Academy. We had 180 junior agents attend camp allowing them to build skills which in the future will allow them to get better jobs. They made some awesome movies with special effects, made some sick beats and were so excited to share with friends and family, program BB-8 Robots, program their own video games, learning how to surf the web responsibly and making sure they don’t sign documents without reading them. Thank you to our staff from Best Buy and Geek Squad stores – your energy was contagious. We would not have been able to do it without you.

A Special Thanks To:

Store 433 – Henrietta

Store 538 – Syracuse

Store 1089 – Watertown

Store 1091 – Plattsburgh

Store 1127 – DeWitt

Store 1140 – Mansfield

Store 1183 – Clay

Store 1380 – Vestal

Store 1400 – Greece

Store 1433 – Leominster

Store 1771 – Pottstown

Geek Squad Field Services

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