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Not even the Cavs can beat these Junior Agent’s Drive!

Geek Squad Academy was proud to come back to Cleveland to serve our youth in the community.  These youth were able to grow and learn things that they normally would not be able to, such as 3D printing and Robotics.  They also were able to make their own movies, becoming their own Directors, Actors and Producers.  Their creative juices were flowing and nothing could stop them.  A special thank you to the Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers Association, as well as Wade Park Elementary for being such gracious hosts and venue providers, for us to deliver this program to.   Thank you to Mary from the University group as well!  Not only did our Junior Agents grow, but so did our Agent Community, who grew stronger through Challenge and Change while Having Fun While Being the Best!

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Store 880 – Wooster

Store 1429 – Perrysberg

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