Submit An Application

Before starting, we recommend that you download the PDF version to collect all the required information before working through the online application. The online application must be completed in one sitting. Here is a brief summary of the required information you will be expected to enter:

  • Organization name and contact information

  • The address of the facility for the event

  • Internet capabilities

  • Required 5-6 classrooms, lunchroom and large gathering space

  • A commitment to the number of volunteers or staff, a minimum of 5

  • Student details for the proposed event (minimum 100 students)

  • Reference your calendar to determine three dates that you are available to host a Geek Squad Academy event

Don't worry, we'll only use this information to communicate with you regarding your proposal and it will be handled according to our Privacy Policy.

Step 1: Tell us about Yourself

Organization Primary Contact Information

Note: You will be able to review and edit your entries before submitting.