One more way Best Buy helps Teens prepare for Future Success

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The Geek Squad Academy program is all about showing the youth of today the wonders and opportunities that technology holds – both for their lives today and for their future careers. Through the program we partner with various non-profit organizations to help bring the program to students from ages ten to eighteen.

Developing 21st century technology and innovation skills are critical for today's youth. Today, 50% of jobs require technology skills; in the next decade, that number will increase to 77%. In fact 60% of the jobs that will exist in 10 years do not even exist today!

Through Geek Squad AcademyTM from Best Buy, we're demonstrating how technology can improve access to career opportunities for youth today. Geek Squad Academy partners with local non-profit organizations to teach students ages 10-18 about the latest technology in a fun, interactive setting. With local Geek Squad Agents conducting classes such as Robotics, Programming, Digital Photography, Film Production, and Digital Music, teens build friendships and self-confidence, spark their inner creativity and innovation, and discover how technology can benefit them in school now and in their work lives later.

But this isn't your average camp – no – it's is much closer to a day with Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School bus than it is to the experience of Camp Wannagetaway, that some kids dread having to go to. When attending a Geek Squad Academy, students become "Junior Agents" and get hands-on experience with some of the newest and coolest technology. Our local Geek Squad Agents and Blue Shirts will teach the Junior Agents on a variety of topics. But where Geek Squad Academy is different is in the level of interaction that we have with the Junior Agents.

Forget the idea of sitting behind a desk and listening to a teacher and watching a power-point presentation all day. We all hated that in Summer School, so we don't do that in GSA. We make sure to get the Junior Agents up and about and interacting with the environment, the technology and each other. It is one thing to tell a child about his/her possible future in technology, but we believe that when you actually show him/her that not only is it possible, but that he/she can start right now, that is when our Junior Agents get inspired and that is when the magic happens.

Geek Squad Academy is partnering with non-profit programs all throughout the US, keep an eye out for a camp near you!