Geek Squad Academy at Home – Godot Game Design

Attention Tech-Hungry Civilians!

A new at-home Geek Squad Academy project has arrived! In this session, we’re expanding on the DIY project ‘Game with Godot.’ In this deeper-dive into making a game we’ll work with custom assets, show you how to make a tile-set, and more! This project takes around an hour depending on the complexity of the level you create and only requires internet access to download Godot and the assets we use to make the game!

Godot is a game engine that is free to use and publish games with. By learning how to develop in Godot you’ll brush up on some coding skills and be able to produce your own game which can then be exported for use online, on Mac, PC, Android, or Apple devices! While this project focuses on a 2D platforming game, Godot is a powerful and open-source game engine – meaning it’s constantly evolving from the community and can be used to make just about whatever you dream of!

This activity was designed for students ages 10 to 18.


  • 1 computer with internet access (Downloading Godot and graphics only)
  • 1 computer mouse (recommended)

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make something cool!

Click the button below to download the free guide to this class!

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