What Is Geek Squad Academy?

Geek Squad Academy is an educational program brought to communities throughout the U.S. by Best Buy. Our Geek Squad Academy Partners consist of local non-profits and other youth organizations that share a focus on teaching middle and high school students about the latest technology in a fun, interactive environment. Team building activities conducted by local Geek Squad Agents in classes such as Robotics, Programming, 3D Printing, Film Production, Digital Music, and more help teens build friendships and self-confidence; as well as get excited by the opportunities technology can provide.

How Can I Get Geek Squad Academy In My Area?

Organizations interested in hosting a Geek Squad Academy camp must submit a proposal application. Geek Squad Academy proposals are open for the 2024 season! Proposals will be accepted through January 2024 and notices of acceptance will be sent in February 2024.
Questions? Contact us at academy@geeksquad.com.

What Information Do I Need To Complete The Proposal Application?

To successfully complete the application, it is crucial that you have all of your facility's information prior to starting the proposal process. Some requirements of the application include:

  • Host facility address
  • 6-7 classrooms, 1 large meeting space and a cafeteria
    Classrooms should accommodate 25 or more students each
  • Internet connection
  • Ability to impact 100 – 200 students
  • Three calendar timeframes that your facility may be available to host an event.

Why Do You Partner With Non-profit Organizations?

Geek Squad Academy partners with non-profits and other organizations throughout the country who share our focus on encouraging technology-based training for youth because we believe that together, we can strengthen the relationships among the youth and the communities we serve.

Who can attend a Geek Squad Academy?

Geek Squad Academy is customized for students between the ages of 10 – 18. Some locations have special attendee requirements based on the host non-profit’s needs and the communities it serves. Please check our recent posts for more information about the events near you.

Can adults participate in the Geek Squad Academy?

Geek Squad Academy program does not have any programs for adults at this time. However, feel free to reach out to our non-profit hosts to volunteer as a chaperone.

What courses are taught at the Geek Squad Academy?

Like advancements in technology, our curriculum is also constantly evolving. Some of the subjects covered at a Geek Squad Academy session may include:

  • Programming and Robotics
    Students will learn the basic foundation for computer programming, incorporated with robotics, with teamwork and critical thinking concepts, utilizing some of the most current technologies.

  • Digital Citizenship
    Students learn their responsibilities as digital citizens as well as increase their digital literacy, understanding the long-term effects of their online interactions through hands-on activities.

  • Digital Music
    Students will learn how to use some of the most popular music creation software by working together to create and mix music.

  • Film Production and Editing
    Students will learn how to go from story to screen. Students will get hands on to “break down a script” helping to make choices on characters, locations and design to tell a story. Students are the actors, Directors and Producers in a masterpiece of their own creation.

  • Circuits and Logic
    Students will explore the electronic world that makes our devices work by building a circuit and discovering how to create solutions to common problems.

  • 3D Printing and Design
    Students will learn new CAD skills by exploring the tools inside SketchUp to design their own three-dimensional models and other creations that can be made with a 3D printer.

  • Digital Photography
    A photographer's skills are more important than the camera. Students will explore various techniques for getting great pictures that can be applied from camera phones to DSLR's.

  • Web Know-How
    Students will learn the fundamental concepts that make the web work, and create their own internet content by learning about HTML and design.

How much does it cost to attend a Geek Squad Academy?

Most Geek Squad Academy events are offered to participants free of charge. However, in a few cases, hosting non-profit partners may charge a nominal fee for participation if needed to offset administrative costs.

Does Geek Squad Academy offer programs that run year-round?

Our program offerings have expanded beyond the traditional summer camps. We now provide immersive learning experiences year-round through workshops, school break courses, and innovative formats. From two-day camps held May-September to flexible sessions offered throughout the year, there are more opportunities than ever for students to unlock their potential.

I am in the military. Are there any Geek Squad Academy events on military bases?

Geek Squad Academy has been offering events on military bases across the nation since 2011. If you have an interest in Geek Squad Academy opportunities for children of our men and women in the Armed Forces, please email us at academy@geeksquad.com.

I have a question that is not listed here!

Please submit your questions by emailing us at academy@geeksquad.com.