Geek Squad Academy – At Home!

Hello future agents, knowledge-thirsty youth, and curious civilians!

Bring the fun of Geek Squad Academy into your home!

We are excited to help you ignite your creativity and build new tech skills. Our new Geek Squad Academy courses are designed to be accessible: use your phone to practice new photography skills, create videogames and websites using free software, and learn to write in the secret language of computers!

This material has been real-world tested with Agents from the United States and Canada for youth between 9-18 as part of the Geek Squad Academy program. These lesson plans provide step-by-step instructions that young people can easily follow, on their own or in a group.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to learning and maybe we’ll come out of Social Distancing a little smarter, and ready to become a creator instead of just a consumer!
Cool? (Very Cool.)

Click the buttons below to download the free guides to each class!


Bending Binary_hexPicture Perfect hexWeb Know-How_hexGame Design with Godot_hex3D Design



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